My most famous role to date must be as a member of a gang of thugs who attack Bruce Lee in the film The Way of the Dragon. My actual appearance in the film probably doesn’t last longer than a few seconds, but a still from the scene I was in was used in cinemas when it was screened. It has also been reproduced in many magazines, newspapers and books about Bruce Lee. Thanks to this, I am often invited to Bruce Lee’s commemorative events and have been interviewed for several documentaries, thus associating me with this Kung Fu legend.

I feel very strongly that it is a great shame that the Hongkong Government has not set up a Bruce Lee Museum in Hongkong or named a street or park after him.

It is not too late to rename the highway from the new Hongkong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok “Bruce Lee Boulevard”. Ifyou agree with this suggestion, or have others to make, please express this in my guest book and I will pass the messages on to the government.

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Story from Martial Arts Illustrated. Bruce Leefans interested in their magazines and products should write to MAI, Revenue Chambers, St Peters Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1EL, United Kingdom.


Yes, that’s me just behind Bruce Lee, picking up a steel pipe to attack him.  Of course he floored me with his Nunchaku sticks before I could even get close to him!

Bruce Lee loved to sing and dance and insisted that I bring a guitar to the studio. His favourite song was Guantanamera and I must have sung it a dozen times on the set of The Way of The Dragon.
The guitar is now in the hands of Jon Benn who will display it in The Bruce Lee Cafe.