I wrote my first song in my early teens, but it was never published or recorded… full of teenage angst it was called ‘Why Can’t They Understand’…

My first published song was called ‘I Still Love You’ and it was recorded as the second single by my first recording group The Kontinentals on the ORBIT RECORDS label in 1965. It spent a couple of months in the Hongkong popcharts in late 1965 and early 1966. It was recorded in Cantonese by Terence Tsoi, with Cantonese lyrics by Richard Lam, in the 1980’s.



(Who Says) A Man Shouldn’t Cry
Another Morning
Even A Strong Man (Must Die)
He’s A Legend, He’s A Hero
I Still Love You
Keep On Crying
Merry Go Love
Missin’ You
Mr. Sunshine
Never Coming Home
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Reasons Why
Vampire’s Bride
We Can Make It If We Try
White Eagle
Why, Woman, Why

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